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Gerald Eve is a firm of international property consultants based in the UK. We operate a national network of nine offices and an international association covering 20 European countries and all major US markets. We provide comprehensive property advice to public and private sector organisations and our clients – including over 40 of the FTSE100 and 60% of branded of hotels in the UK. Our employees are tasked with providing intelligent and commercial solutions to ensure our clients’ are delivered the best tailored and bespoke advice possible. What sets us apart from our competitors is the way in which we value our people, and the values that are at the core of our business: Trust and Integrity, Respect, Friendliness and Excellence. Our vacancies can be found at www.geraldeve.com/careers

Gerald Eve's Status

Large Business (250+ employees) Status: Recruiting

  • Love what we do Love what we do
  • Big and busy Big and busy
  • Working smart Working smart

Daisy Chain Says

“Gerald Eve stands out as a friendly, family-orientated firm that provides exceptional benefits to staff and puts their welfare at the front of the agenda. We recognise there’s far more to life than the work day. Juggling family and other commitments can make working difficult, so flexibility is an inherent part of our approach.”

Jana Hutchison's Experience

Jana is a Financial Analyst in our Finance team, and has worked with us for nearly 5 years.

1. What were, or are, the biggest challenges you faced going back into the work place having had children?

I became a working mother in 2012. When my son was 15 months old I had baby no.2 in 2014, taking 14 months for maternity leave. I think to become a working mum it needs to make financial sense, you need the have the childcare sorted and most importantly don’t feel guilty about leaving your children. Even stay at home mums don’t get to be there for all child’s ”1st events”. My son recently lost his 1st baby tooth whilst eating lunch at school… couldn’t it have waited till dinner time! For me the biggest challenges are those things that are out of my control, e.g. nursery closed for training, tube delays and sickness. On those days I have to rely on my boss to understand that I’m not trying to be difficult, but I have life outside my job and cannot leave my child at home alone. I am lucky that Gerald Eve has remote working facility and I can do my role from home.

2. How do you balance your career with your family?

When I came across my current role it was offered as a 4-days per week, which was one day less than I originally wanted, but actually it gave me the chance to sort out the house and left the weekends free for the family. My son’s nursery was open 7.45am to 6.30pm which is great for doing the standard 9-5.30pm hours, but gosh, those were long days for him! Soon after starting at Gerald Eve I saw an opportunity to reduce my lunch break from 75 minutes to 30 minutes which allowed me to pick him up a bit earlier. Then in January 2017 my daughter started at a nursery which is only open 9-4pm, which is actually similar to my son’s school 9-3.30pm. I was determined to manage these times ourselves and was able to come up with a different solution, which wouldn’t be possible if mine and my husband’s workplace didn’t allow flexible working hours. Nowadays, I do three days 7.10am to 2.30pm and one day 10am to 7pm. I got really good at leaving the office when my hours are done and learnt to be super-efficient in getting through my workload.

3. How has working for Gerald Eve enhanced your family/ work life balance?

Enormously. Allowing flexible working hours means that we can be a family more often and don’t need to rely on school clubs or childminders to cover for us. When we get home at 4pm, we still have 3-4 hours to spend together before the bedtime starts. These flexible hours mean my kids have more time with me, whist I get the work satisfaction and am a happier person too.

4. If you could give your ‘pre-children’ self, one piece of advice about being a working mother, what would it be?

Make sure that your job is a pleasant variation to your day, something that you actually enjoy and want to be doing, even if you didn’t have children. There are more benefits to going back to work than just the financial one; it allows your brain to switch to a different level of operating and you get to appreciate those times spent together a bit more. Children should be around other children too, not always in a parent’s presence, as that teaches them important life skills.

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