Meet our Daisy Chain contributors

We want to share our experience and knowledge on being a ‘Mum boss’ at home and at work. We hope you enjoy reading articles from our Daisy Chain experts in everything from Fashion, Health & Fitness, Confidence coaching and the world of Music.

Elliott Rae

Founder -

Sian Claire Owen

Social Media Manager

Elizabeth Myles-Geddes

Daisy Chain Account Manager - Scotland

Elaine Carnegie

Founder - The Parent Effect

Jemilla Divito

Daisy Chain Account Manager - Property

Ben Brett

A specialist recruitment & SME Company Transformer, Liberator, Board & Leadership Adviser, Coach & Mentor

Joanne O’Connell

Founder of Employment Solicitor magazine and consumer website

Liz Grof

Independent Recruitment Specialist & Career Mentor

Brandusa Tataru-Marinescu

Partner, Kingsley Napley

Katie Mene

Head of Sales

Sara Campin

Personal & Professional Development Coach; Parental Wellbeing

Annie Mac


Charlotte Leaman

The Daisy Chain Blogger

Edith Bowman

Broadcaster & Writer

Eve Tomlinson

Communications & Content

Kristina Carmen

Health, Fitness & Lifestyle

Poppy Aston Waddell

Fashion Stylist

Louise Deverell-Smith

Founder, The Daisy Chain


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