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Elaine Carnegie

Elaine Carnegie is a passionate mental health advocate, Co-Active® Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner and qualified Physiotherapist. She is also an award-winning corporate professional with over 10 years experience working within a global organisation and spent a number of years working within the NHS previous to this. Elaine has experienced first-hand the complex mental health, wellbeing and life challenges we all face in the workplace today and is determined to make a difference by improving workplace wellbeing culture and increasing awareness around mental health at work. Elaine founded Beingworks with a vision to put an end to ad hoc, box ticking wellbeing initiatives and drive sustainable and cohesive wellbeing strategy that embeds employee wellbeing right into the core of every organisation. Elaine is hugely passionate about the importance of self-compassion and sleep for our health, wellbeing and resilience. Elaine is all about compassion and helping to make the workplace more human and open. 



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