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Who can benefit from flexible working?

We already know that flexible working can bring many benefits to both a business and its employees, but who specifically can benefit from flexible working?  

Flexible working is not just about allowing you to work from home, it can open opportunities for you to prioritise crucial elements of your life, that all contribute to your well-being and happiness within your role. 

This blog will take you through a few examples of the types of people flexible working can benefit and how the chances are you will be one of them.   


Those that care for dependants  

Caring for others is a challenging role within itself, whether that may be caring for children, elderly parents, or a family member/friend with a disability. Flexible working options can benefit caregivers in multiple ways.  

  • Having a flexible schedule: Flexible working allows those that need the ability to accommodate caregiving demands. Remote working or flexi-hours can give caregivers more time to take loved ones to doctors’ appointments, pick up prescriptions or do the school run. 
  • Accommodate living arrangements: With a traditional 9-5 role, it can be challenging to change location if you need to move in with a dependant or travel to help care for them. Remote working can alleviate this worry, giving them more flexibility to work from anywhere.  


The commuters 

If you live a considerable distance from the office, commuting for a substantial amount of time in your day can have a negative impact on your well-being, as well as your finances.  

Flexible working promotes increased work satisfaction by eliminating the need for lengthy commutes, allowing individuals to utilise that time for personal activities such as spending quality time with loved ones.  


Employees with disabilities  

For those with disabilities or long-term illnesses, the ‘traditional office job’ may be hard for them to adapt to, therefore creating barriers in the workplace. More inclusive policies, such as flexible working hours and remote working can break down those barriers and make the workplace more accessible to them.   

Flexible working hour benefits include: 

  • Not having to commute into the office in peak times.  
  • Having time to schedule medical appointments and treatment.  
  • Being able to manage your working hours around particularly symptomatic periods of the day. 
  • Working shorter hours when needed for health reasons. 

Remote working benefits include: 

  • Resting more easily when necessary  
  • Reduced the number of days you will need to commute to the office.  
  • Being able to work in your own environment that suits you, with your equipment makes your job easier at home. 


The entrepreneurs   

According to SME Loans, 64% of the UK workforce wants to set up a business. Flexible working can be a great option to work alongside these dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Flexibility empowers entrepreneurs to align their side job with their flexible job, leading to enhanced productivity and efficiency in both. With part-time work or flexible hours, they can pour more time into their personal business, whilst also working for a flexible company to achieve a steady income.  


Sports enthusiasts  

For some, exercise and playing sports is a significant factor in managing their mental health and well-being, meaning that being able to factor in time to take part in sports and physical activity is of high importance to them.  

For those that play with a team, or compete, flexible working arrangements enable them to manage their time effectively, ensuring they can fulfil their training commitments.   

Not all people like to go to the gym, or can exercise/play sports at lunchtime, so having the ability to leave earlier to exercise is beneficial, and means they are able to fit physical activity into their day. 

Overall, there are a variety of people that can benefit from flexible working, and it does not end there. It allows people to prioritise other parts of their lives, which in turn, helps improve their wellbeing.  



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