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by Louise Deverell-Smith

What is flexible working?

When you think of flexible working, your thoughts may go straight to working from home, however, that is just a fraction of the many forms of flexibility that employers can offer their employees.

In today’s world, flexible working is becoming increasingly popular as more employers seek a greater work-life balance, and employers strive to attract and retain top talent in a candidate short market.

From flexible office hours to job sharing, it’s important for both employers and employees to understand the options available, and this blog aims to explore the variety the flexible working world has to offer.


Working remotely

It now feels like a world away that it was rare you would find a role that offered the option to work from home twice a week let alone full time. With advanced in technology and the pandemic accelerating the change, remote working has become more accessible than ever. Companies can offer employees the option to work from home or from a remote office, which can reduce overhead costs and maximise employee productivity.


It’s flex time

Flex time is the idea of saying goodbye to the 9-5 hours, and giving employees the freedom to choose their own hours within a designated time frame that works for the company and the employee. This type of flexible working can be helpful for employees that have family or any other type of responsibility outside work.


(Job) sharing is caring

The concept of job sharing brings benefits to both employees and their employer. The idea is that two or more employees will share the same job and split the hours, work and salary. For those employees who want to reduce their hours without leaving their job this can be valuable and provide cost saying advantaged to the employer.


Hiring part-time and freelance workers

Offering part-time work allows employees to work fewer hours per week than a full-time employee, on a regular basis. This is a great option for people that require flexibility due to other commitments. Freelance work is a fantastic option for employers who need extra support on specific tasks of projects without the commitment of full-time employees.


Phased retirement

Phased retirement is a great option for those that wish to ease into their retirement by slowly transitioning into part-time work. This could be beneficial to employers who want to retain experienced employees while reducing costs.

Each variation of flexible working can bring its own benefits and challenges, and it’s important for both employers and employees to carefully consider their options and what is best for their business/lifestyle.

Considering these flexible working options will ultimately help employers create a more supportive and productive work environment, while employees can achieve greater work-life balance and job satisfaction.


If you are an employer that can offer flexible working to those that need it, we are eager to help support you to advertise your roles and find employees that can add value to your business.



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