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by Nina Victoria

Changing our buying habits and slowing down ‘Fast Fashion’

Let’s face it, we all love a bargain and like me I am sure many of you are guilty of buying cheap, buying on impulse, and often only wearing something once before it is thrown out. 


The ‘slow fashion’ movement is something that has really intrigued me recently and with the growth of pre-loved boutiques it’s becoming an easier and fun way to do your bit for the environment. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you should only be buying second-hand clothes these days. I for one would be out of a job plus, who doesn’t like a few new seasonal pieces! However, it could perhaps be something you start to think and question more about when buying that cheap throw away item.


Obviously, everyone’s wardrobe budgets are different, and I understand that not everyone will be able to spend a lot of money on high end brands. However, if you start buying quality over quantity (and buying in the right colours and styles that flatter your shape) over time, it will save you money as things last longer and you build a great quality capsule wardrobe.


These are my Top Tips for buying pre-loved items or getting more wear from your wardrobe


Dying garments – Colour is one of the fundamental aspects of style and how a colour compliments your skin tone can really impact your overall look! Following a colour session, I have often told clients to try dying items rather than just throwing them away if they don’t suit their skin tone. Dylon dye is the best and can honestly change a look completely!


Take your time and build your capsule wardrobe slowly. Pre-loved boutiques are a great place to buy your quality capsule piece. For instance, a classic trench coat, chic blazer, great pair of jeans or winter boots! It becomes less about trend buying and more about purchasing true investment pieces that will be in your wardrobe forever! 


Don’t forget you can actually make money and start selling some of your own pieces. Whether it’s ebay, depop, or pre-loved boutiques. Why not get some money back and extend the lifecycle of your own items.


Have a rough idea of repair and alteration costs. You won’t find this as much with pre-loved boutiques, but second-hand shops may sell items that are faulty so it’s always good to have an idea what your overall cost will be for the garment once you have fixed or altered it.


Think about the area the second-hand shop is in! The more affluent areas are often going to be those who have great pieces.


Whether it’s a designer pre -loved boutique or a second-hand charity shop……. pop in and have a browse! You never know what you may find.




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