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by Louise Deverell-Smith

Schools out for Summer!

So Schools is nearly over for this year…and so this means September is looming and for a lot of us, it means that back to school feeling of a new start.

Here at Daisy Chain, we see a lot of new recruits in September from both employers and people seeking flexible working – could we help you?
Over summer a lot of us have time to reflect and really look at our work/life balance and what is working, and importantly, not working for us. Are you one of those people that is constantly rushing around dropping kids off here, getting to work on time there and never having any space to just be?
I hear you! I was one of those mums too – always frantic and always on the clock. When I had my third child, I realized that enough was enough for me personally and I just couldn’t go back to the 9-5. It was too stressful, and the lack of any flexibility was hard to manage.  I soon found out that I wasn’t alone either as I heard so many people at the school gates sharing my frustrations and complaining about the lack of employers willing to be flexible.
This meant that they were having to spend extra money on before/after school childcare to cover the time that they had to stay at work from or until. It just didn’t make any sense to me.

This is why I decided to start Daisy Chain as it was evident to me that there was a sea of talented people out there who were being punished just because they chose to be a parent.  I mean, just because we’ve decided to have had a child doesn’t mean we can’t do a hugely successful role and bring huge value to employers. I knew that employers were missing a massive trick and decided to set about telling them so.
This was back in 2017, and I’m really happy to say that we now have around 5000 candidates and nearly 100 employers on our books – and it’s constantly growing. And you know what, we haven’t received one complaint from either side as in my opinion, if you treat people with respect and accommodate their needs, they will work hard for you in the allotted time; it’s a no brainer!
Mine and my team’s mission is to ensure that flexible working is the norm and that no one should feel awkward asking for it and expecting it. We are doing this by tirelessly speaking to and educating employers about the huge benefits and prospects flexible working can bring and showing them first hand evidence of its success time and time again.

The future is flexible – it has to be as people are rightfully demanding it so and no output,dedication, commitment or time is suffering as a result of it.

Would you like to talk to me or a member of my team about the possibilities of flexible working and how it could impact your life? Get in touch with me ( and I’d love to talk you through how Daisy Chain works and how it could change your life.



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