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by Louise Deverell-Smith

We Are Who We Surround Ourselves With

As the saying goes, ‘no [wo]man is an island’ and in business that is so true. I’m really excited to say that Daisy Chain partners with some truly inspirational people and organisations – the latest being the fab Third Door.

We’re working with them to collaborate on a series of panel-led discussions related to the self-employed / flexibly working parent. It was great to meet Shazia (who owns Third Door) whose wonderful business is completely aligned with ours in terms of wanting to make it as easy as possible for parents to work flexibly and it be permissible to do so – music to our ears! 

Topics we will be discussing include: Shared Parental Leave (and why fathers are not using it?), Returning Back To Work (what options are available)What’s Involved In Setting Up Your Own Business As A Parent? and Where Do I Find Flexible Jobs To Fit Around My Family?  

Please do follow us on social and on our website for details of when the events are. 

This got me thinking about the importance of tribe and the people we all have around us that have helped us get to where we are today. For me, there are definitely some key people who supported me when Daisy Chain was merely a dream that seemed very far away both from a personal and business point of view.

I’ve been reading a lot about friendships and relationships and it’s so interesting to learn that for most of us, we have perhaps 150 casual friends, 50 friends, 15 close friends and five friends with really intimate bonds, including our partners (ref here). That sounds about right to me and when I take stock and really think about the key people in my business life who have helped me get to where I am today, there are about six people that really stand out.

They are the people in recruitment that really understood the vision of Daisy Chain and understood from the get-go what I wanted to achieve. 

I’m proud to say that Rick , John and Ben have been with me from the beginning and I still work with them today. I don’t think they realise the importance of their understanding and support at the beginning; it was so vital and gave me some much-needed reassurance when it mattered.

Alongside this, a huge amount of help came from one of my son’s friend’s dad, Antony who realised my vision and built the tech around it which was so important to me as without that, there was no Daisy Chain as I couldn’t start my business without a platform to house the wonderful companies and clients.

Then my wonderful staff: Katie, Sian and Jemilla who share my passion and dedicate themselves with as much vigour and dedication as I could ask for and like me, really believe in Daisy Chain and what we’re trying to achieve. Having these inspirational women by my side every day is invaluable as it makes me strive to be better and to elevate the brand and what we stand for – which is that flexible working should be the norm EVERYWHERE and for EVERYONE.

And last but by no means least – my fab hubby. Having someone there who knows you inside and out, knows when you’re struggling, when you’re confused, need a helping hand or just need a giggle has been imperative to our success and I couldn’t do it without him, especially with three kids in the mix to boot!

I’m super excited to be growing my tribe, turning casual acquaintances into lifelong friends and forming partnerships with like-minded individuals such as Shazia and I can’t wait to see how our journey together grows. I’m lucky to have found an inspiring business tribe in Sister Snog and have several women in my life who are going through this mad business journey the same as me who I can call on for an emergency coffee / prosecco and a chat which is so important. Meeting these key people in your life that share the same values, outlook, passion and drive makes us all grow and achieve great things. And that’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it?!



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