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by Louise Deverell-Smith

The Overflowing Pool Of Talent

Here at Daisy Chain, we are only as good as our candidates who are seeking flexible working and the employers that are offering it. And I’m so happy to say that both are exceptional and we are so proud of the calibre of people we currently work with. We are constantly astounded by the sheer level of talent that is in our pool of candidates – some amazing experience and backgrounds, all with that one thing in common; the desire for flexibility.

More than 25% of our candidates are seeking flexible working (that’s compared to 10% seeking full time and 9% part time) so the desire for flexibility is definitely growing and needs attention. There has been a huge increase too in people seeking project work (24%) which allows their skills and experience to be used to maximum capacity without the full time tag that accompanies it.
Sector-wise, the biggest requests we get are for roles is customer service, sales and HR with marketing and office / admin not far behind and we are so pleased to have a great array of clients we currently work with.
For example we currently have on our books: a general practice surveyor with more than 25 years post-qualification experience, a chartered accountant with 7 years work experience with Ernst and Young, a media and marketing expert with 7 years experience in the luxury sector having just finished a project with Fortnum and Mason, a strategic thinker, senior editor, Times-trained journalist and content and social media strategist fluent in four languages…we could go on.
The plethora of talent and expertise is out there wanting to work and add considerable value to companies all over the UK – the only thing they request is flexibility which, as you know, here at Daisy Chain we feel should be a compulsory right for all employees.
A lot of our candidates took a break when having children and now can’t commit to a full-time role, or they are caring for an elderly parent or are just wanting a break from the rat race to re-address their work/life balance. As we have spoken about before, the 35-hour week isn’t necessarily conducive to 35 hours worth of work and value – far from it. What we have learnt by speaking to our candidates and our employers is that hiring people and offering them a flexible working approach results in dedicated, focussed, productive work in the hours that they are there and that’s what everyone wants, surely?
Not once have we heard any negative connotations related to flexible working impacting output or dedication. So with this amount of talent out there, we can’t help but think that employers that aren’t snapping our hand off to get on board are missing a trick. We are placing amazing candidates daily and seeing them thrive and grow in both their work and personal lives, which is surely what it’s all about?
Our aim at Daisy Chain is to make the offer of flexible working the norm in all employers, however big or small and we think that is achievable with the right support, noise and evidence that, you know, it works! Thankfully within the younger generation, there is now more of a demand and expectation that this is offered and questioned when it isn’t which we can only encourage and celebrate. So we would like to ask you to get on board, challenge the status quo whether that’s in your work or in the company you keep and let’s all fly the flag for flexibility.
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