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by Private: Charlotte Leaman

Life with Two: The Juggle is real!

So life with two is in full swing and I have to stop and pinch myself (and stop myself from crying) that I now have an almost 3 year old and a 7 month old baby! Where has the time gone! I know everyone says this and I knew it would go quickly but it’s scary how quick the past 7 months have gone! I still can’t believe my tiny baby is now sitting up and eating solids when it only feels like yesterday he joined our little family. I am also now one of those annoying people who say having one is one but having two is like having 10! Wow it really is full on and the juggling has reached new levels! However it’s also amazing how quickly you adapt to life with 2 kids and you just learn to juggle, I guess because you have to. Plus doing 5 loads of washing a day and constant folding and putting washing away is the norm while cooking dinner and trying to stop the toddler from harming the baby! It is non stop!

I have to say though I’m loving it and it’s just the most amazing feeling in the world watching my two boys build a little bond between each other. Don’t get me wrong there are days when nothing goes to plan, we’re late for everything and I shout more than I ever wanted to! Plus drink too much wine when they are finally in bed but I’m learning to take deep breaths and tomorrow is new day!

One thing I don’t think I prepared myself for was the guilt. It’s a constant battle to give both boys my sole attention and not feel horrendous when I’m dropping my eldest at nursery and having a day with my youngest. Which I know I shouldn’t feel bad about as Monty had my undivided attention all the time but you still do and that is Mum life! This time though I have definitely tried to take it slower during these baby months and enjoy coffees with friends and quiet time at home rather than booking Rufus onto every baby class available! Again the guilt gets me but I know that Rufus gets so much from being around Monty that a quiet day with me is actually ok!

And now begins the start of planning the going back to work marathon juggle! It scares me how I will ever get to work on time leaving the house with 2 kids, I mean surely I won’t be able to shower in the morning ever again on a work day? Plus the thought of Rufus starting nursery makes me sob every time I think about it (again time is flying). However I am looking forward to wearing clothes that won’t get covered in crisps and baby puke and buying a new note pad! (I have an obsession with stationary as well as coffee) We will see and I will report back but for now I’m soaking up all the baby cuddles and toddler crazy days and just enjoying all the coffee along the way! Wish me luck!



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