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A road less travelled…

….indeed! As the second month of my freelance experience is in full swing I am reflecting on my journey from In House Talent Acquisition to independent Recruitment consultant. So what have I learnt from these 6 weeks or so navigating this solo “gig”?

There are so many things I have learnt but probably these 6 keys messages are what I would like to share:

  1. Gladly ask for help & accept support This “solo” gig is not so solo and I am certainly not alone. Whilst recruiting in this way is for the most part not the norm and I don’t fit into the convenient boxes of either agency or in house, I am not the first and won’t be the last. If anything I see this as a great point of difference that before would have proved scary. People from all different arenas, social mediums & backgrounds have been more than happy to help and I have discovered it is more than OK to accept that help. I may well be an expert in creating great talent stories but some things you can’t do alone. So thank you!
  2. Small steps in building my reputation as a consultant is absolutely fine. Working towards this does take time and energy weaving into the bigger picture as a busy mum and wife navigating London life. Where I don’t have as much financial security as I did I am relishing working in a different way and having the chance to better balance integrating work and life. The two are not mutually exclusive but more on that later. #flexworking #workthatworks
  3. Prepare, prepare and then prepare some more I appreciate this more than ever. Of course I did my research to know my stuff whether it was a candidate’s background or about the line manager I was partnering with. But at a recent Luckythings meet up session with the super talented Sunita Harley rediscovered the importance of this. Whether it is about the practicalities of setting yourself up freelance to building out your Instagram or being fully informed on your client it matters more than ever.
  4. It doesn’t have to be perfect and for anyone that know’s me this is not easy for me to say. As a text book ENFJ Myers Briggs & Virgo, perfection is my default button but working in this way where you are every role in your business it just isn’t feasible all of the time. Prioritize what actually matters to you and your clients, these will become your nonnegotiable perfect points & don’t get hung up on the rest.
  5. Celebrate your successes because it won’t be a given that others will. As a freelancer there is no engagement or internal reward programme to give you that pat on the back. Blowing your trumpet is absolutely fine (to a point). I naturally and happily talked for England about the brilliance of the brands I worked for, it’s now my turn. It’s not always easy but I am learning. Also, along the way as you build your client’s work there will be recognition from others, sometimes when you least expect it.
  6. “The only thing that is constant is change” as Heraclitus said and with that comes failure. I don’t expect things to be a bed of roses, it certainly hasn’t been so far but these give me personal opportunities to learn to embrace new mindsets and develop myself. I am thoroughly emjoying that I am getting to partner with businesses outside my first career love and comfort zone of Fashion Retail, discovering new industries and where there are opportunities to do great work.

Let’s see what the next November brings!



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