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Making a change by Working Forward

We started The Daisy Chain to help parents find an employer who can offer them a role that works around their childcare needs. Currently, there is a massive issue with employers not looking after their staff as soon as they say “I’m going to be a parent!” It’s no secret that the way parents or potential parents are treated will affect whether they stay or leave. Thankfully the Equality & Human Rights Commission is helping tackle the issue, and we’re proud to say that we are members of their Working Forward campaign!

According to the Equality & Human Rights Commission, the cost of hiring and training new staff, redundancy payouts and lost productivity that resulted from women being pushed out of their jobs amounted to £280 million last year.

Surely all employers must look at how to retain staff and be open to how they can help their employees’ once their situations change?

A staggering 77% of mothers in Britain reported they had at least one negative or possible discriminatory experience at work during pregnancy, or on return to work.  And 50% of mothers felt that their request for flexible working resulted in negative experiences.

So what can be done to try and change these shocking figures?

The Equality & Human Rights Commission and their ‘Working Forward’ campaign is trying to make a change by helping employers retain their talented staff from the moment they know they are going to be a parent.

They are Britain’s national equality body and have been awarded an ‘A’ status as a National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) by the United Nations. So yep, they are a big deal!

They want to make Britain a fairer place, and they do this by safeguarding and enforcing the laws that protect people’s rights to fairness, dignity, and respect….it is that simple.

The aim of their campaign is to create a growing community of Working Forward members, sharing tips, advice, and knowledge to make experiences better for pregnant women and new mothers. They have some great tips for employers and mums-to-be, and as a member you will receive:

•Access to a network of like-minded employers through their events and LinkedIn group.

•A free toolkit packed with advice and guidance on how to support pregnant women and mothers effectively.

•Access to online Acas training tailored for line managers.

•Invites to attend exclusive training events.

The Equality & Human Rights Commission would never reject a new employer signing up to the Working Forward Campaign…your willingness to change makes you part of the group.

As Working Forward evolves they are already considering other groups within it.  Such as launching a conversation guide for new fathers to coincide with International Men’s day on 19th November.  They are also about to change their strap line in response to their current members to something that includes all parents so watch out for this.

As an aspirational aim, they will include all flexible workers within the movement and create a future for all no matter what stage of their life/work cycle they are at (e.g grandparents or returnees).

To find out more about Working Forward and the support available for employers and line managers, please visit;

Equality Human rights – Working Forward





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