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Making The Daisy Chain

As a mum of three, my priorities and work-life balance has changed over the years; that’s why I started The Daisy Chain, as I know there are lots of other mums out there just like me.

After working in recruitment, I was becoming more aware that many mums were missing out on employment due to employers not being flexible towards mums’ needs … that being, ultimately, working around their child care.

It’s a challenge to get the balance between being a mum, and working, 100% right; however, if an employer could help mums try and achieve that balance, then how great would that be!
So I started to explore the situation and then met with companies which stated that they wanted to help women work flexibly – but could they put their money where their mouths were?

Yes they could…is the answer! And here on The Daisy Chain are employers who want to connect with mums and prove that they are family-friendly and flexible companies to work for.

I hope you enjoy The Daisy Chain and find your perfect employer. In addition, I know how hard it is going back to work having had a baby, not to mention just going to work in the morning and dealing with the feelings you may have about whatever ‘mum’ issues arise. So, you may find some helpful advice from our Daisy Chain contributors. We will have helpful tips and articles from our Daisy Chain fashion stylist, confidence coach and fitness & nutritionist expert to help you along the path of the being a mum!

I’m looking forward to you joining The Daisy Chain and linking mums with family-friendly employers.

So let’s get making your Daisy Chain!




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