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Food for thought

We have all heard the saying “You Are What You Eat” and according to the experts this really is true. Complex brain processes are literally fed by what we consume. Essentially this means your diet can help to improve your productivity and concentration enabling you to work smarter.

Here are our top five foods to help you work more effectively:


The blueberry is one of the most highly rated brain foods, just one 200g blueberry smoothie is enough to increase powers of concentration by 20 per cent over the day. Regular consumption of blueberries could lead to a rewiring of a part of the brain that is linked to memory. Grab a smoothie or buy a tub on your way into work tomorrow.


Packed full of nutrients, there is no denying avocados are good for your brain. These clever little green spheroids help increase blood flow, particularly to the brain. To operate at a high level the brain needs lots of blood to stay sharp and focused. Try some avocado in your salad or mash it with some lemon juice for a tasty dip.


Packed full of the fatty acids required to rebuild brain cells, it also helps slow cognitive decline. Salmon is a top source of DHA, the predominant omega-3 fat in your brain which is believed to protect against Alzheimers. Pick up some salmon on your way home and poached, smoked, pan fried or grilled you can’t go wrong.


Moderate amounts of caffeine are good for concentration and motivation. Coffee beans, green tea and dark chocolate all contain anti-oxidants called polyphenols that are proven to improve concentration and brain function.

And finally, to wash it all down?

Red wine.

The news we all want to hear, a glass or two of red wine is beneficial to the brain. Research shows that the compound ‘resveratrol’ found in red wine is beneficial for brain health and strength. It is also proven to be good for the heart.



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