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Live 1000 lives in a career as an NHS nurse No two days are the same in nursing – it’s one of the most dynamic and rewarding roles within the NHS and you can become a nurse at any point in your life. With ongoing training and the support of your team, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and develop on the job. As a newly qualified nurse, you’ll work as part of a multidisciplinary team, providing direct patient care. You can choose to work in a variety of settings, everything from hospital wards and operating theatres to schools and patients’ homes. You can specialise in areas such as Adult, Children’s, Mental Health and Learning Disability Nursing. You could undertake further postgraduate studies to become a more senior nurse, such as a district nurse, health visitor or advanced clinical practitioner. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to make a real difference to people’s lives, every single day. To become a nurse you can complete a nursing degree, however there are other routes available too, including nursing apprenticeship degrees and nursing associate roles. Each university sets its own entry requirements for entry onto a nursing degree, but in general you’ll need to get at least five 9-4 (A-C) grade GCSEs (including English, maths and a science subject) and at least two (preferably three) A levels. Lots of universities require A level biology. Alternative level 3 qualifications are sometimes accepted by universities (such as approved Access to Nursing courses, BTEC National Diplomas or International Baccalaureates), but you’ll need to check with your chosen university before making an application. Nursing students are also eligible for £5,000 per year of study, to support with living costs while you complete your degree and this support payment does not need to be paid back. We have one of the most competitive and supportive benefits packages offered anywhere in the UK as well, including: length of working weeks holidays career progression Our flexible working options and benefits such as childcare mean that we can help you with your work/life balance and maintain wellbeing for you and your family.

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Large Business (250+ employees) East of England Status: Recruiting

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Daisy Chain Says

“Working with the NHS is a tremendous honour for us here at Daisy Chain. They are looking to hire nurses across the UK - and flexible working is available.”

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