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Live Consultancy


About Live Consultancy

Live Consultancy is creative digital and events agency. We create beautiful moments and connections for world class brands. We do that online, offline and in-real-life. Our Vission and passion is to move from brand connections and moments to human connection and moments by helping people and brands grow. We are growing London agency with strong LIVELY culture and strong core values at the heart of everything we do. We have 7 levels of products that we offer to our clients who are mainly in-house marketers. Our mission is to help the marketers by training and developing them with our Marketing Moments membership. Our entry level package is called Go live this covers social media management for brands. Third is Getting Lively this covers social media, SEO, PPC, paid social management. Fourth Lively Connections this includes the above plus website development, video editing and strategy. Fifth is Website design and build projects. Sixth Events of all sizes. So, what it means to be Lively, according to the dictionary… Full of Life, energy, activity and outgoing. A place/atmosphere, full of activity and excitement, intellectually stimulating and perceptive. We agree with the above and truly live by it, but we also have a set of values that we select and release against: Liberation – we liberate our people, members and clients to be the best version of them to grow. Inquisitive – we are enthusiastic students and proactively continue to learn. Venturesome – we boldly go where others would hesitate. Excellence – because great is never enough. Liberate our people (team mates) to be marvellous, we lift each other but we do not carry. Liberate our clients to grow and be brave with us as their trusted experts. Liberate the industry with our flexible model and how we challenge the status quo. Liberate our marketer members to keep balance, be confident and to grow. Live Is a world class team similar to a sports team, not a family. We have trust in each other to support each other to win together. Team members are very carefully selected and released by the LIVELY culture and values. This doesn’t mean you are fake and full of life all the time, we are humans first, but to be lively you work on yourself as much as you job to keep balance, so that you can bring the LIVELY energy into work and lift each other. Team mates must be comfortable being vulnerable with one another and trust each other to We are enthusiastic students and proactively continue to learn in our own time and leisure. We educate at the same rate as we learn. Success is educating not exploiting. We are students of the world and live a curious and full life., we walk through each day with our eyes and ears open with our heads up. We keep Live’s best interest at heart and always looking forward. Bold go where others would hesitate. Positively disrupt industries, behaviours and societies restrictions. We are early adopters and trend setters. Visionary with good judgement. Excellence – Great is never enough. We delight our clients and members, we are their champions. Remarkable results are what matter. Our culture focuses on helping us achieve excellence, with freedom and trust to deliver outstanding results. Delight doesn’t mean free. A bankrupt company doesn’t delight their clients. Remarkable results go above the target. Excellence is going above any beyond without being asked, coming up with new ideas without prompts. In 2020 we plan on 100% growth which means we have to really keep clear and focused on our culture to ensure we keep our people at the heart of everything we do. While we are maniacal about metrics we are are equally focused on our mission of helping people grow. This sometimes makes us dysfunctional but we continue to call each other out on it and work to step forward. We provide an excellent flexible working environment that rewards excellent team members with freedom to perform how they want to work. great results are what matter, not how, where or when you work. We are looking for extraordinary talented people to join our team

Live Consultancy's Status

Micro Business (0-9 employees) London Status: Recruiting

  • Love what we do Love what we do
  • Game changers Game changers
  • Growing every day Growing every day
  • Working smart Working smart

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“We are a flexible employer”

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