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Why choose us? HISTORY AND REPUTATION In 1983 Gary Keller and Joe Williams created Keller Williams with just a few agents and a tiny office in Austin, Texas. Their objective was simple “How can we run the company in such a way that Agents achieve everything they want and at the same time we achieve everything we want?” From this simple premises they developed the proven Keller Williams business model. THE KELLER WILLIAMS BUSINESS MODEL The best possible commission structure Treat agents like business partners Growth share with the agents that helps grow the company Give full access to financial information to all agents Have supportive management that consults, trains and promotes teamwork Have the highest level of training in the industry winning at work SIZE & INFRASTRUCTURE The Keller Williams Business model proved hugely successful and the company now has more than 190,000 agents in over 850 market centres across over 30 countries worldwide and is the fastest growing Estate Agency Business in the world. TRAINING & EDUCATION The Keller Williams education and training systems are one of the key components that makes us the best in the industry. Our training courses address every aspect of building your career. From just starting out to taking your established business to new heights. Each course is based on proven systems using tools that guarantee to increase productivity and success. NO LIMIT TO YOUR OWN SUCCESS As a Keller Williams agent you’re only limited by your own ambition. We have all the tools you need to create a remarkable and highly profitable business in a relatively short space of time. We also have benchmark targets which if achieved propels you to ‘mega agent’ status. Once you reach ‘mega-agent’ the sky really is the limit, new doors open and superstar status is just around the corner. INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY As the technological landscape shifts so do we. We maintain our position and reputation by using cutting edge technology and systems to manage our own internal processes. We use powerful lead generation processes and systems that give our agents a vital advantage in a very competitive marketplace. Our innovation and technology also benefits our customers by providing them with the latest technology and marketing tools to generate more interest for their property. At Keller Williams we lead and let others follow. FREEDOM AND FLEXIBILITY OF BEING YOUR OWN BOSS Probably the greatest freedom in life is to choose your own working hours and to be your own boss. As a Keller Williams agent you are your own boss, you clock in when you want and put in as many hours as you think you need. There’ll never be anybody looking over your shoulder and you’ll never have to clock watch. GROWTH SHARING SCHEME At Keller Williams we treat our agents like business partners. Our growth sharing scheme financially rewards agents for bringing other talented, productive agents to the company by giving them a share of the monies generated by the agents they help recruit. Since the inception of Keller Williams profit sharing scheme, we have shared over £400m back with our agents and it doesn’t stop there. The profit/growth sharing system uses a programme where agents who stay with the company for a minimum of three years will continue to see profit/growth share income for the rest of their lives. THE KELLER WILLIAMS CULTURE Our mission is to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living. The Keller Williams culture is all about agents helping other agents and has been designed to ensure every one of our agents gets a helping hand whenever they need one, whatever the situation. We also believe in giving back to the communities that provide us with our business. Each year we have a RED (Renew, Energise and Donate) Day where agents donate their time to good community causes within their local area. Join Keller Williams and feel like part of something greater.

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Daisy Chain Says

“Keller Williams are offering a platform for Mums with property experience and/or strong connections to their local community to open and grow their own property business which not only fits around their home lives, but also embraces it. With Keller Williams you can develop your own branding and be supported by the World's number 1 Training and Coaching company. They are the only company in the UK that offers this platform that gives you complete ownership of your business and database, so it is no wonder Forbes Magazine voted them the happiest place to work in the US.”

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