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About George Bullard

George Bullard is a world record breaking explorer, endurance athlete, motivational speaker, brand ambassadro for Bullard’s Gin & partner at IGO Adventures. To date he has covered almost 2,000 miles on foot in the polar regions and completed countless extraordinary expeditions around the world, guiding 350 people of all age groups in the planets most remote and hostile areas. At 14 George was part of a team to swim the English Channel, circumnavigate Barbados and New York’s Manhattan Island and latterly, swim the length of Lake Zurich. During this time George was also ranked #1 in the UK for Tetrathlon. After leaving school George spent 2 months on the Antarctic archipelago of South Georgia followed by George’s largest polar expedition to date: At the age of 19 George achieved a feat that explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the world’s greatest living explorer, described as ‘genuinely ground-breaking’, completing the world’s longest fully unsupported polar journey of all time. Since then, George has been guiding expeditions in the Amazon rainforest, the Indian subcontinent, the Greenland Icecap, Svalbard, cycling across Europe, climbing unnamed peaks, driving NW Africa and sailing across oceans (southern, north Atlantic and Pacific) amongst others. More recently, George returned from a world first kayaking expedition from Greenland to Scotland trying to uncover an ancient myth. George has big plans around heading polar travel but in the depths of winter. He has just returned from a 1.5 month trip walking the ice road in N. Canada in preparation for this trip.

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