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About CFPro

CFPro plays a vital role in shaping strategies and strengthening financial operations that help businesses grow faster and further. We are excited about long-term growth and help to transform organisations into thriving, agile companies by offering access to an extensive and diverse collective of skills, expertise and business insight that is woven into a tailored solution that scales with you. Scale-up support We offer scale-up support for high-growth businesses by providing a foundation for growth that gives you the space to do what you do well, while we look after the rest. Access to skill Today’s growing organisations need a combination of strategic insight, sector expertise, market-knowledge and hands-on experience to see long-term growth. That is why we bring a mix of skills and experience tailored to each business, from scale-up companies through to listed international groups, that enables you to do just that. Cross-functional know-how rooted in sectors like Oil & Gas, Tech, Media and FMCG through to Healthcare, Retail and more, means that we are substantially equipped to help you navigate your business towards growth. Extensive experience Every director and team member have a vast amount of experience, ranging from being CFO of AIM listed Groups, FD of VC-backed high growth companies and Group FC of multinationals, which means that the support you receive results in a depth and diversity of business growth support that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

CFPro's Status

Small Business (10-49 employees) London Status: Recruiting

  • Small, but perfectly formed Small, but perfectly formed
  • Love what we do Love what we do
  • Game changers Game changers
  • Growing every day Growing every day
  • Working smart Working smart

Daisy Chain Says

“We believe in working collaboratively, in an environment where individual strengths are expected and networked know-how, celebrated. We are able to deliver a consistently first-class service to our clients because of the extensive skill and experience represented in our team as a whole, which is why we’re always interested in hearing from people who want to join us. Working with CFPro, on either a full-time or part-time employed or consultancy basis, means that you maintain the amount of personal flexibility you want, while working with a team of professionals that serve clients across borders and functional expertise.”

Louise Murray's Experience

CFPro is the real deal when it comes to finding the work / family balance. I joined CFPro as I was struggling to maintain any work / life balance in my previous role at another company. Now I can work within my children's school hours allowing me to be present when they're at home and also not have to pay for childcare.

1. What were, or are, the biggest challenges you faced going back into the work place having had children?

The greatest challenge was trying to find an employee who was flexible to the school day, particularly for children at schools which finish at 3pm in the afternoon. The other challenge was then finding and securing excellent childcare and covering that cost. The final challenge was the mental battle of not being present at all for my children after school.

2. How did your career change after having children?

I had to take a step back within my role and become less ambitious.

3. How do you balance your career with your family?

I have adjusted my career to fit with my family. My job is much more flexible now and we are all happier.

4. How has working for CFPro enhanced your family/ work life balance?

It has transformed my work / family life as I don't feel torn in two. My family come first however I am still able to work which is great financially and also mentally.

5. If you could give your ‘pre-children’ self, one piece of advice about being a working mother, what would it be?

Don't try and do it all because something has to give. Also, there are employees out there, especially now, who trust you to do a good job and work hard on a more flexible basis rather than the set 40 hours 9am until 5pm.

6. What is it about this industry that appeals to you?

I work with great people.

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