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About Brandlective Communications

We work relentlessly to give brands the most compelling, creative and savvy marketing campaigns possible. Creating content for blogs and websites is our speciality. By defining a tone of voice for your marketing we can give your brand a personality that entices customers to purchase from you. This can be extended across your social channels and throughout your ad copy. Oh, and don’t forget your imagery, our team of graphic designers are brilliant at building an entire brand identity.

Brandlective Communications's Status

Micro Business (0-9 employees) London Status: Recruiting

  • Small, but perfectly formed Small, but perfectly formed
  • Love what we do Love what we do
  • Game changers Game changers
  • Working smart Working smart

Daisy Chain Says

“Brandlective have a very impressive social responsibility initiative in place which attracts ambitious talent who want to work for a business that is socially conscious.”

Danielle Roby's Experience

Danielle works as an Account Manager for Brandlective. She started as a freelance copywriter 8 years ago and in the last year moved into a 20 hours per week role (flexi-hours) as an Account Manager. She now manages a portfolio of 20 clients and maintains and enhances good working relationships between our clients and our marketing team.

1. What were, or are, the biggest challenges you faced going back into the work place having had children?

I struggled with confidence at first, after taking time out it was difficult to get back into the swing of day to day work. However now it feels like I have never been away. But I have the best of both worlds.

2. How did your career change after having children?

The family was now my main priority and I wanted a career which offered a challenging environment and flexible timetable.

3. How do you balance your career with your family?

I am really lucky that the team at Brandlective are really supportive, I am committed to delivering a very high standard of work. I love that I can work around my childcare commitments, either starting early or working later in the evening. While that may not suit some, it's ideal for me.

4. How has working for Brandlective Communications enhanced your family/ work life balance?

he coaching from management is always centred around development, with clear communication platforms and a very unique culture I have found a balance that has never been present before. I absolutely love that I can build a career and care for my young family simultaneously. I can transfer a lot of the skills I use in work across to my family life, this has allowed me to become more organised, more assertive and a greater asset to both work and family.

5. If you could give your ‘pre-children’ self, one piece of advice about being a working mother, what would it be?

Spend time on a Sunday setting out your schedule for the week ahead, do not over-commit to projects and communicate well with mentors on personal and professional goals.

6. What is it about this industry that appeals to you?

Being creative, I love learning about our clients, their goals and achievements and helping them maximise their business potential through their brand management.

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