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About bedigital

bedigital was established in 2014 to provide public sector, central government and private organisations a way to effectively define their strategic vision and transform IT estates. By bringing together human skills, best in class tools and a commitment to collaboration, every bedigital client is empowered to deliver better services, fully aligned to the objectives of the business with end to end financial and service management transparency. We are proud of the impact we have achieved with our clients, creating significant cost savings whilst transforming services that have an immeasurable social impact.

bedigital's Status

Micro Business (0-9 employees) Status: Recruiting

  • Small, but perfectly formed Small, but perfectly formed
  • Love what we do Love what we do
  • Game changers Game changers
  • Growing every day Growing every day
  • Working smart Working smart

Daisy Chain Says

“bedigital are a small, flexible employer with a great deal of ambition within solutions delivery”

Amy Stephenson's Experience

Amy joined the company 2 years ago, after having her second child. She works part-time; 3 days a week with flexible hours to enable her to do the school drops offs and pick-ups. Amy has a wide range of responsibilities including contracts management, internal recruitment, training and she also helps produce our podcast - The Tech Leaders Podcast.

1. What were, or are, the biggest challenges you faced going back into the work place having had children?

Having the flexibility to be able to take time off at short notice to look after the children when needed including looking after a child with additional medical needs. As well as having low confidence in the job I had done previously as a result of having a year off work on maternity.

2. How did your career change after having children?

I could no longer commit to long working hours

3. How do you balance your career with your family?

By having the flexibility to let me family come first

4. How has working for bedigital enhanced your family/ work life balance?

They have been very accomodating of the fact that I have 2 very young children, aged 3 and 5. They allow me the flexibility to work around my family including time off at short notice if they are ill as well as being able to do the school drop off and pick-ups.

5. If you could give your ‘pre-children’ self, one piece of advice about being a working mother, what would it be?

It can be very demanding at times but definitely worth having something else to focus on outside of just being a mum

6. What is it about this industry that appeals to you?

Its a fast-paced, exciting industry with lots of challenges and rewards

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