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We are a premium business law firm with international reach and an exceptional breadth of services. By delivering what clients want wherever they need it, from high value strategic advice, to the everyday, we pride ourselves on our straight talking approach and a service which is high quality, focused and consistently excellent. Experience how we can help to protect and grow your business through our long-term relationship investment, our understanding of your markets and sectors, combined with our collaborative team culture and we’ll soon have you rethinking any fixed ideas you might have had about business lawyers.

Addleshaw Goddard's Status

Large Business (250+ employees) Yorkshire and The Humber Status: Recruiting

  • Love what we do Love what we do
  • Growing every day Growing every day
  • Big and busy Big and busy
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Grainne Mitchell's Experience

Grainne is our Graduate Resourcing Manager and is based out of the Leeds office. She works 4 days per week.

1. What were, or are, the biggest challenges you faced going back into the work place having had children?

There are many! After a year away from the business it's amazing what you forget (people's names, how to use systems etc). I found the first few weeks very tiring and I had constant headaches from being on a computer all day! It took me a while to engage my brain as the work part of my brain had been switched off for all that time. It was difficult leaving my son at nursery when he was quite unsettled (very common in the first few months as children adjust to not having Mummy or Daddy around all the time). It was difficult to juggle the logistics of nursery drop offs / pick-ups with making it to work on time / having to leave on time. In my case for the first 6 months of returning to work I was up at night every 2 hours so that made things pretty hard for obvious reasons! In addition my son was constantly ill for the first 3 months at nursery – again this is really common as they're exposed to other children and need to build up their immune systems. It was difficult juggling my diary with my husband's when he was too ill to be at nursery. The other (ongoing) challenge is that I'm not as flexible as I used to be so I can't necessarily travel on certain days or attend evening events without a lot of prior planning.

2. How did your career change after having children?

I came back to a promotion which was great but was a huge challenge given I was dealing with all of the above. The main difference is that I need to be much more resourceful and flexible with my time (leaving at 5pm then logging on from home when Logan is in bed) or travelling on days when my husband is available to do nursery pick-ups / drop offs. I officially work 4 days per week.

3. How do you balance your career with your family?

It's a lot of spinning plates in the air and it's far from easy. At the moment I don't have enough balance as I often work long days and on my non-working day so my work / family balance isn't very good at the moment!

4. How has working for Addleshaw Goddard enhanced your family/ work life balance?

Working from home one day per week is a godsend – just taking the pressure of the commute away makes such a difference. I either log on early to get extra work done or I use the time I would be travelling to work to complete some household chores which again makes life just a little bit easier.

5. If you could give your ‘pre-children’ self, one piece of advice about being a working mother, what would it be?

Ooh great question. Learn to say no more and don't put yourself under so much pressure!

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