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Rural Agency Assistant, Savills

Salisbury and Winchester
Full Time, Flexi Time

Rural Agency Assistant

Job Location

Salisbury and Winchester

Role Overview

The South Central Rural Agency team are looking for a self-motivated sales assistant to help with all aspects of Rural agency, from pitch to completion.

Team Overview

The Rural Agency team spans across the Salisbury, Winchester, Wimborne and Newbury offices and covers the Hampshire, Berkshire, West Sussex, Wiltshire and Dorset. David Cross heads the Rural Agency Southern Region, with Fred Cook in Salisbury and Geoff Jones in Winchester. They are supported by Stacey Wait.

Key Responsibilities of the Role

List Here:

  •   To assist Fred Cook and Geoff Jones in all aspects of rural agency
  •   Assist in marketing farms and estates which will include preparation of pitch reports, brochures,dealing with applicants, preparing marketing appraisals
  •   Obtaining and providing details for compliance purposes
  •   Booking and conducting viewings
  •   All such relevant requirements to enable the successful sale and purchase of farms
  •   Weekly office time would be split between Winchester and Salisbury

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

The applicant will report directly to two principal fee earners in the preparation of marketing details and implementation of marketing recommendations on the sale of farms.

The applicant will need to be able to present themselves well in a rural environment and be familiar with the sales process. Be able to travel to and conduct viewings.

Technical experience:-

  •   Use of Reapit
  •   MS Office
  •   Good knowledge of rural property market would be helpfulSkills and Knowledge
  •   Self-Starter
  •   Confident with a positive outlook
  •   Sense of humour
  •   Problem solving abilities
  •   Common sense
  •   Ability to think quickly on your feet to deal with problems which arise
  •   Dealing with potential purchasers and applicants is essential
  •   Some experience with property sale negotiation

Assessment applicants can expect during selection

  •   First Round Interview
  •   Second Round Interview if successful in the first round

JD Template Sep21

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