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Principal Data Lead, Private: Space NK

Full Time, Flexi Time

As the ultimate curator of over 100 of the most in-demand, highly innovative and boundary-pushing beauty brands, we are the go-to destination for worldwide beauty discovery.

Together through our neighbourhood stores, online presence and loyalty scheme, Space NK has built a flourishing community in which to discover beauty. The customer is at the heart of everything we do, and we will always endeavour to offer everything they need to help them explore, experiment, and enjoy our brands.

 We currently have an opportunity for a Principal Data Lead 

Main Purpose

We seek an experienced, hands-on, pragmatic Data Lead. You are most likely a Data Scientist with an affinity for and experience in Data Engineering or a Data Engineer with an affinity for and experience in Data Science. Consequently, you have deep expertise in data science, data engineering and software engineering.

We have a solid foundation of well-understood structured data sources, a wealth of unstructured data waiting to explored to solve exciting and valuable business problems. You will lead us on our data journey and build a highly innovative data squad. The squad will optimise processes, solve complex strategic problems by developing and automating data processing, a machine learning pipeline and subsequent decision-making.

Main Duties

  1. Build and lead the Data function. You define and execute the overall data strategy, manage the existing structured data developers, BI team, hire data engineers and data scientists, and corral the untapped sources of unstructured data for analysis, insights and ML model creation.
  2. Be the primary hands-on lead on initial projects, such as understanding current manual processes and working with key stakeholders to identify valuable points of data processing, automation and machine learning opportunities. Prototyping and delivering MVP solutions.
  3. On initial projects, you will make and implement your foundational decisions on the technical structure of the project and future technologies, for example, covering data pipelines, data models, machine learning tools and services, and roadmaps.



  • 5+ years of hands-on experience working within the data science field
  • Team management experience with relevant data responsibilities
  • Business stakeholder management experience
  • Data Science experience from collaborating with stakeholders through to putting models into production, measuring, maintaining and evolving them over time
  • Data Engineering experience building end-to-end data processing and machine learning pipelines and operating them in production environments

Education / Qualifications

  • Secondary or tertiary degree in data science, software engineering, computer science, statistics, mathematics, or a similar field.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Machine Learning and Statistics
  • Python and/or R
  • Spark
  • SQL
  • Data Engineering and Software Engineering
  • Scala/Java/Kotlin/C#/C++/Javascript/Go/Rust
  • Cloud computing, ideally Azure
  • Distributed Computing
  • Experience with Visualisations and BI Tools like Qliksense a plus

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