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Marketing Team Member, Private: Eskimo Square

Weybridge, Surrey
Part Time, Flexi Time
£25,000 - £40,000 p/a full time

We are looking for someone to market us on a part time basis for 1 – 2 days per week for an initial period of 6 months.

After a really successfully couple of years and a busy start to 2021 we feel it it is time to shout louder about us, our skills, our work and our client relations. Although we are a team of three creatives we don’t spend a lot of time sharing our work. 20 years in the business has afforded us an extensive client contact list that largely goes untapped. The team feel that this marketing gap in our business should now be filled properly.

In addition to the usual avenues like twitter and instagram we would welcome marketing strategies ideas from an expert. We want you to learn about us and our work so that you can passionately shout about us from the roof tops whilst being sympathetic to our tone of voice. We want you to be aware of our completion, our current clients and suggest pottential new clients.

With this position we are testing the waters. However we are confident that a proper marketing strategy properly administered will reap rewards in the form of increased work load forcing us to expand further. We would hope that you could grow with us and become part of our team.

We are looking for someone with creative sensibilities and ideally an understanding of how 3D visualisation helps clients achieve their goals. We would expect you to be comfortable working with visual and animated content that we give you and use it in your marketing. We are a Mac based studio.

Our aim in terms of recruitment is to find creative people who are excited about joining a small company; keen to be part of building and shaping a business; happy to muck in at all levels to get things done; and willing to be self-driven, flexible, open, honest and supportive.

Role: Marketing Manager

Reports to: Managing Director

Why are you here:
To develop, roll out and maintain an effective marketing strategy in order to secure and then grow Eskimo Squares client base, secure new commissions, enhance our reputation and grow our profile.

Your background
You will have professional experience of delivering different kinds of marketing communications activity and knowledge of digital platforms and current audience trends. A proven track record of developing and implementing evidence-based, measurable marketing plans to deadline is preferred.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

To output engaging marketing content alongside in-house 3D designers across multiple media channels including print, video, online, social and email.

Write engaging, targeted, and well-researched copy suitable for a variety of audiences and for use across multiple platforms.

Imagine and deliver marketing campaigns from idea to execution. Build new B2B relationships

Research new markets

Re-engaging with past clients

Raise our profile within relevant industry

Measure the performance of our marketing strategies, report back and amend where needed

Learn about our competitors and target marketing accordingly Manage company social media accounts

Monitor the online presence of company’s brand and engage with users where appropriate to strengthen customer relationships

New lead generation

Keep up to date with relevant market news and current affairs Respond to our ongoing creative output

Respond to our changing marketing and communication needs

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