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Lettings Systems Coordinator, Savills

Remote (1 day a month in Richmond)
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Lettings Systems Coordinator

Job Location

WFH / 1 Church Road 1x a month and as needed

Current Team Information

This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of systems/projects team in the Residential Lettings division in Savills. As the only Systems Coordinator in the division you would be the main point of contact for lettings staff regarding systems and processes issues and you would be expected to receive, prioritise, and document all requests.

You will be working alongside a high performance team made up of the Operations Delivery Director, Systems Operations Manager, Systems Support Specialist, IT Business Partner and IT Trainer. You’ll provide support to the systems/projects team to include but not limited to systems testing, creating and maintaining lettings templates, liaising with 3rd party vendors, project support, technical research and training.

The Role & Key Responsibilities

  •   Working up to management of systems and processes support queries – answering incoming help requests from end users, prioritising and schedule help requests, keeping end users appraised of help request’s progress and escalating problems (when required) to Lettings Systems Operations Manager
  •   Supporting of implementation of appropriate software used and supported by Lettings division
  •   Supporting the day to day operations of all lettings systems including RADAR, RADAR integrations

    and MS Office

  •   Supporting the Process and Systems Manager, IT Business Partner and IT systems providers to

    continue supporting the Lettings Divisions operating systems including RADAR

  •   Collating support queries to enable the Process and Systems Manager and Lettings IT Trainer to

    identify training needs

  •   Supporting the Lettings Systems Operations Manager and Lettings IT Business Partner with RCU –

    updates/amendments to user management, updates/amendments to checklists, updates/amendments

    to clauses, updates/amendments to compliance items, updates/amendments to RADAR library

  •   Managing lettings key template / documentation creation, amendment and deployment (Report Studio)
  •   Handling testing for new processes and system enhancements
  •   Providing project support
  •   Data input and report checking
  •   Creating Excel, Powerpoint and online reports as and when required
  •   Promoting and maintaining internal relations with all departments with Lettings
  •   Working closely with Lettings Systems Operations Manager, on process changes and efficiencies

    which may require the systems to be changed or enhanced

  •   To build and expand Savills Lettings’ business and to be aware of future opportunities that will enable

    the department to continue to grow

  •   Assisting the Lettings IT Trainer, Lettings Systems Operations Manager and Operations Delivery

    Director with divisional communications.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  •   Demonstrable ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people via e-mail, phone, Teams and face-to-face
  •   Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  •   Polite manner & good customer care skills
  •   Excellent organizational and prioritising ability
  •   Good understanding of the lettings process preferable

JD Template May21

  •   High level of proficiency in Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Teams
  •   RADAR/ APR / Reapit product software experience preferable
  •   IT knowledge preferable
  •   Excellent attention to detail
  •   Ability to “think outside the box”, research, and come up with solutions
  •   Initiative and ability to work under pressure
  •   Presentable and maintains a professional manner at all times
  •   Friendly and enthusiastic to do a high quality job at all times
  •   Result focused, Can do attitude
  •   Mature, credible, and comfortable in dealing with senior corporate company executives
  •   Open mind-set, understands that there is always more than one way of doing things, and tries to

    understand other people’s point of view

  •   A natural forward planner who critically assesses own performance
  •   Reliable, focused and determined
  •   Flexible approach and keen for new experience, responsibility and accountability
  •   Inquisitive and enthusiastic about learning new things
  •   Able to get on with others and be a team player

Type of Assessment for this role:

  •   I/2 stage interview
  •   Personality Profile
  •   Leadership Profile
  •   Skills Testing (eg excel, word)

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