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Vanessa Pegg

Having now worked part-time myself for the past 25 years, I can honestly say it has provided me with the work-life balance I craved, enabling me to be there for my children and enjoy the flexibility and freedom to do so without feeling guilty, whilst also allowing me to flourish in my career as a joint business owner at Signet Resources. It’s not always easy juggling a successful career and being a good mum but it has given me the opportunity to be ”ME” as well as being a mum, so part-time hours and flexible working are the norm for us at Signet as most of our team here are parents of young children and it really does work for the business and them. We find that people working reduced hours really do work hard to prove they can deliver results, often juggling the same work load as a full time person and rarely taking any additional time off so for us it’s a “win-win” situation.


I was introduced to Daisy Chain as a new concept for supporting part-time mums and dads in their quest to find a new role and for employers to find a whole new world of lost talent. I am now delighted to be an ambassador and advisor to Daisy Chain, an excellent platform and exciting new brand for candidates and clients.



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